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South Ogden

“The person I talked to on the phone about the billing and scheduling was very nice and helpful Thanks.” – Kyle

“Dr. Albrechtsen is the VERY best... We are willing to drive 850 miles to see him!” – Tricia

“Everything runs smoothly and easily on a consistent basis. We would (and do) refer friends.” – Kimberly

“We have always been pleased with the service from all the staff. Thanks!” – Travis

“Thanks for all your efforts! Our third child to be a patient with Dr. A is almost finished with orthodontics and we are all very happy with everyone's results in our family!” – Erin

“I had braces when I was 19 years old. Now almost 30 years later I was not excited about the prospect of having to wear braces again (silver full-bracketed braces hammered on, yuck!). Dr. Albrechtsen has a new brace system and proven technique that is absolutely amazing. In one visit (and less than an hour and painlessly, I might add) he had all of my braces on and adjusted. The process was most advanced, simple and professional I have ever seen or experienced. Thank you for making a believer out of an older reluctant patient.” – Erich

“The staff are very accommodating. They travel to three different office locations to service their patients. I think that speaks for itself how wonderful the doctor and staff are. Dr. Albrechtsen never forgets my two sons’ names and the older one has been out of braces for five years now. You guys are great!” – Canvus

“The whole crew at Albrechtsen Orthodontics is great! My daughter was very nervous to go to the orthodontist. She is only nine years old. They made her feel comfortable right away. They also talked directly to her, which is a nice change. I would definitely recommend Albrechtsen Orthodontics to everybody! Thanks!!!” – Abigail

“Loved the child's play area. It was great to keep my four-year-old occupied while I worked with my nine-year-old. Everyone was efficient, and we were able to leave before my nine-year-old could get uncomfortable. Thanks for that!” – Christine

“This is our first experience with an orthodontist and braces. We are so pleased with the level of service and professionalism given to us from all the staff members. They could give our government some pointers!” – Ashleigh

“Highly recommended orthodontist and staff! Everyone is friendly and professional. I have always been greeted with a smile and taken care of in a timely manner. The options of visiting different offices really helps me continue with my treatments despite a hectic schedule. I would recommend anyone looking at getting any type of orthodontic care to come see Dr. A and his staff!” – Jake L.

“Very nice employees! Even brought my three-year-old a balloon with a coloring book and crayons while waiting.” – Avery

“Dr. Albrechtsen has helped each of us with an overbite and teeth straightening, in a reasonable time. He and his staff are very personable, putting our kids at ease.” – Capris

“My daughter is eight years old. She has some serious bite issues. Dr. A took the time to go through every aspect of what we would be dealing with. As a mom I appreciate the time taken to reassure my very nervous child! I think that the entire office staff was incredibly helpful. They explained the cost that we would be working with and gave me several options on which paying for the treatment. We all can appreciate that. We also needed to be sent to an oral surgeon; they were very helpful in getting us the doctor information. Taking away another thing for me to have to worry about. I really enjoyed our experience at the office. Thank you!” – Jerica

“Thank you Dr. A. and your wonderful team! We have now had six of our family have braces with you and have good memories, new friends, and beautiful smiles to show for it. Thank you for the friendly, professional manner in which you run your business. We really appreciated your fair pricing, your understanding staff, and the positive attitude that is present in your office. Thanks again!” – Tanner S.

“Albrechtsen's is a great place to go for your orthodontic needs; the staff is professional, courteous, and highly trained. The environment is calm, comfortable, and relaxing. Dr. Albrechtsen is absolutely an outstanding orthodontist.” – Sam R.

“Dr. Albrechtsen is the second orthodontist to treat my children. The first one put braces on two of them. Dr. A has treated three (the first two had to be re-done). He is always happy, making us all smile. We can tell he loves his job. He has performed miracles with our children's teeth. We wouldn't recommend anyone else.” – Priya

“Everyone there is exceptionally nice and more than willing to help us with any and all of our needs!” – Breanna

“My 11-year-old has dental phobia. It is such a relief to her when the doctor can understand her teeth from X-rays and not even need to open her mouth. Kudos!” – Christine M.

“My experience was amazing at this office. It made having braces more fun!” – Amanda

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