Smile Arc Protection

Smile Arc is when the edges of your top teeth follow the curve of your lower lip. The ideal Smile Arc has full teeth display with the curvature parallel to the curvature of the lower lip. 


Smile Arc Protection (SAP) / Vertical Incisor Display (VID) 

Brackets are placed more gingival (closer to the gums) than traditional brackets resulting in a beautiful curved smile line and increased tooth display. Some other benefits may include:

  • Improved Facial Esthetics
  • Creates Youthful Hollywood Smiles
  • Beautiful Broad Smile Follows Curvature Of Lower Lip
  • Reduces Flaring Of Front Teeth 
  • Reduces Dark Corridors In The Corners Of The Mouth
  • Improves Performances Of The Appliance.


Question about the smile arc : r/braces

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